iphone boxing workout app

Are you a victim or a viking? In the first confusing moments of combat, disciplined reactions to the suddenness of battle will decide who is victorious and who is defeated. All warriors know however that the outcome of battle was decided long before, in the crucible of training. All warriors have come to realize that weakness is provocative and strength deters. Once you are a member of FightClub we will transform you into a fearsome warrior. One who attacks with speed, surprise and overwhelming violence.

To this end we employ science to transform the eight points on your body into deadly weapons which will strike fear in the hearts of men. Our training regime can be performed anywhere, at any time, and without the use of equipment. You will learn the art of Western boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing. Our multifaceted approach will combine shadow boxing, olympic level strength and conditioning alongside HIIT. The synergy of a balanced aerobic and anaerobic routine will quickly shed your body of fat and add brutal strength to your expanding arsenal of weaponry.
As you advance in your level of training, you will unlock new techniques that will be chronicled in your Library.

Analytics will track your body’s transformation and rank your progress against other FightClub members. Pick any of a growing number of unlocked avatars that are digital representations of you, and which all undergo distinct changes as you do. Put in the training to become the number one ranked member of FightClub.

Research shows that boxing burns more calories than any other type of exertion known to man. Moreover, studies show that of all martial art forms, western boxing produces proficient fighters faster and more effectively than all others. According to champions such as Bernard Hopkins, one of the most successful boxers of the last three decades, shadowboxing alone is sufficient to make a novice, combat ready. Whether your goal is to become a fighter, get shredded or just learn self defense, FightClub will help you achieve your goal.

FightClub was founded upon the principle that being dangerous is sacred. Case law does provide evidence attesting to the fact that a trained fighter is considered a “deadly weapon”. Become combat ready and effective within four weeks of joining FightClub. Use these techniques wisely.